Safe, Practical, Beautiful Wood Burner Installations

Based in Rowlands Gill, Gateshead, and serving the North East of England, Wood Burner And Chimney Services (WBACS) Install, Commission, Recommission and Service Appliances, Chimneys and Flues.

. Delivering high quality Solid Fuel Installations, Dry Stove, Room Heater, Cooker.

. Running industry specific solid fuel Flexible Chimney Liners, factory made System Chimneys.

. Unblocking and repairing Chimneys and Flues.

. Modifying and rebuilding your Inglenook Fireplace.

. Installation of Twin Wall Insulated factory made Interior and Exterior System Flues.

. Testing, Commissioning, Registering with Building Regulations.

. Appliance, Chimney and Flue Service, Maintenance, Decommission, Recommission.

With decades in various industry and the building trade, and being a HETAS Registered Solid Fuel Installer, I will take you through the creation of your solid fuel appliance in line with current legislation, HETAS, DEFRA and Buildings Regs, from:

...  Initial brief, customer expectations, ideas, preferences.

...  Calculating and recommending optimum burner size for room size and type.

... Estimation and quotation of installation system, either flexible twin wall flue down the chimney, or independant insulated twin wall internal or external system flue if a chimney is not available.

... Opening up and modification of fireplace if required, or accessing house wall, ceilings and floors, or conservatory ceiling.

...  Creation of a beautiful, practical and safe fireplace, including side and rear fireplace finishing in tile, brick, slips, or board.  Laying of your preferred hearth, whether its a made to measure stone slab, or made up from rustic bricks, limestone pavers, slate, etc.  Finishing the edging, plastering, and mounting a mantlepiece if wanted. 

...  Installation of liner system, connection to the solid fuel appliance.

... Aftercare, including instructions of operating the appliance, best practices regarding ventilation and environmental concerns.  Guidance on solid fuel type usage and storage, heat and CO safety.  General maintenance and care to keep your solid fuel appliance and flue operating at it's optimal efficiency, with the least environmental impact, ensuring the maximum longevity of appliance and flue.

Many customers also like to research their installation themselves, and prefer to purchase a Wood Burning Stove online, modify their own fireplace, and then bring in a HETAS Registered Installer to advise on any modifications, install a liner, closure plate, adaptors, angles, supports and liner top fittings, then to seal, test, certify and register the installation with the Councils Building Control in line with Buildings Regs.  Yes, I provide this service as well.

Make sure your appliance installer is registered, insured and fully competent.  You can research the requirements for Solid Fuel Installations on the HETAS website, and ensure you find a HETAS Registered Installer in your local area, or follow this link: 

Wood Burner And Chimney Services Ltd (WBACS) offer the chance to make your dreams come true.  For enquiries from further afield, reach out at the 'contacts' page and I will try to help.





Solid Fuel and Storage

Solid Fuel and Storage

Clean Burning, Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Safe

Clean Burning, Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Safe

HETAS Registered Installer