Do you already have a Solid Fuel Appliance and Fireplace ready?

Have you already got a Solid Fuel Appliance?

Did you buy one online?

Already prepared your own Fireplace?

Need advice on which Solid Fuel Appliance to purchase?

Have you researched everything about installing it, and now need a Registered HETAS Installer to connect up, test, and commission your appliance?

I can take it from where you left off, install a liner to spec, test and commission the appliance and liner for your safety, appliance efficiency, warranty, Register with Buildings Control to meet Building Regulations, your Insurance and Mortgage demands.  Advise you on operation, efficiency, storage of wood, and regulations.  And most of all, ensure you have a safe and enjoyable appliance installation completed. 

(Please note, I will not and can not sign-off someone else's installation.  If your installation is already complete, I can check it over for safety and leave a "Safe to Use" certificate, or, for those requiring modifications, leave a quote based on the modifications required to ensure safety and confident use of the appliance.  Also, be aware that a dangerous installation will be red-tagged with a 'do not use' label and recorded as such).

Just drop me a line or look up your local HETAS Registered Installer on the HETAS website.